Alvarez lens technology

What is it

Our universal, variable focus spectacle makes use of the Alvarez principle, allowing a single pair of glassses to correct almost all cases of near- or far-sightedness. It adjusts like a pair of binoculars.


How does it work

It's as simple as turning a dial. Turn the left dial to adjust the strength of the left lens; turn the right dial to adjust the strength of the right lens. 

FocusSpecs® correct presbyopia (‘old eyes’) and hyperopia (far-sightedness) with a power range of +0.5 to +4.5 dioptre, and myopia (near-sightedness) at a range between -1.0 and -5.0 dioptre. With this extensive range, FocusSpecs® are effective for up to 90% of all refractive errors. (N.B. FocusSpecs® do not correct astigmatism.)

The principle

Each lens consists of two inversely-shaped optical elements, placed exactly behind one another. The strength of each lens changes by shifting the two elements relative to each other.

USA PATENT NO. 7,980,690

USA PATENT NO. 7,980,690



  • Available in 3 standard colours
  • Angle between frame and sides: 80°
  • Suitable for head width: 100-160 mm
  • Weight: 20 grams
  • ISO 8980-1, 8980-4, 12870, 21987
  • 100% recyclable

AR/AS coating

  • Single layer dip coating
  • 80% reflection reduction
  • Scratch resistant



  • Alvarez optics in clear and tinted Polycarbonate (PC)
  • MINUS power range: -1.0 to -5.0 dpt
  • PLUS power range: +0.5 to +4.5 dpt
  • Oval optical field: 36 x 26 mm
  • Pupillary distance: 61 mm
  • Radius: 170 mm


  • Easy adjustment mechanism
  • Linear adjustability
  • Independent control of each lense



FocusSpecs Black

FocusSpecs Black

FocusSpecs Brown

FocusSpecs Brown

FocusSpecs Burgundy

FocusSpecs Burgundy

FocusSpecs Sun

FocusSpecs Sun